9 Sept 2014

Flat Track training from the Dutch-Brothers at MCS HOF - part 3

That's Dirk Pieper, our hero of the day, in the first picture.

Two times before I've been riding on a modern 2 stroke KTM on a dirt track, just a couple of rounds. That's all the "race" experience that I had so far so for me it was a dream come true to have the opportunity to ride on a race track all day long. 

Flat Track training from the Dutch-Brothers at MCS HOF - part 2

It's veeeeery hard to capture our amazing speed on photo's :)
I felt like I was going crazy fast but when I look the pictures it shows I was riding like a snail...
I'm the dude with the Shark Brazil helmet. I don't have a racing suit so I was wearing a leather pants that was to small, and a leather jacket without proper protection so I'll need to invest in a better race suit next time. But the good news is that nobody crashed during the day!

Flattrack training from the Dutch-Brothers at MCS HOF - part 1

Last Saturday I had my first Flat Track training, Super cool! Can't stop thinking about it...!
Early in the morning the Nozems (Lorenzo and Daniel) picked me up for a lift to MSC Hof in Westerwald in Germany. That's a 3,5 hour ride from Amsterdam. We where invited by Dirk Pieper and the Dutch-Brothers Jan-Willem and Thomas for our first flat track training. Dimitri (Super Motor Co) and Dirk Pieper already arrived the night before. Who else was there? Segattini Martin and his six year old son that was riding like crazy all day long on his little speedway bike, two older guys from Berlin and a German MX Journalist. For me, the Nozems and the MX Journalist it was our first time on a Flat Tracker so before we did hour first run we started the day with some exercises on a little Honda Dirtbike with 18" wheels.
After that Jan Willem showed us how to go fast sideways on his beautiful red Rotax framer. But after some rounds his engine started to have some serous problems so he could not use that bike anymore that day... Luckily for us Dirk Pieper also brought his Rotax framer and he gave us all the time we wanted on his Flat Tracker, so cool! We can't thank you enough Dirk!
Here are my first pictures. More to follow.