20 Jun 2011

Road Rocket Piston Party achterveld 2011

Looking forward to this one
Biggest cafe racer event in the Netherlands
great bikes and good hamburgers. lets just hope this year there will be more youngsters than last years and less dudes with overly polished, better than new show bikes.. :)

Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2011 part 2 The Blue Phantom

some crazy nice details on this nice custom Triumph

Bottrop Kustom Kulture part 1

Bottrop was great! ten minutus before I arived In Bottrop it started to rain so i arrived with a soaked pants but the trip to Bottrop was with out problems.
Did the 2,5 hour trip lone cowboy style. expected to see more bikes on the road on my way to Bottrop but I saw only one stock harley on the higway..
this is the best custom show I've seen with my own eyes. the show itself was a bit chaotic. no name tags near the bikes so I've got no idea who made all the bikes but I met some nice people and I will definitely come back there next year.

took lots of pictures. this is a selection of the bikes in the parking lot. more to come soon..