20 Jun 2011

Road Rocket Piston Party achterveld 2011

Looking forward to this one
Biggest cafe racer event in the Netherlands
great bikes and good hamburgers. lets just hope this year there will be more youngsters than last years and less dudes with overly polished, better than new show bikes.. :)


ElSolitarioMC said...

Ouuh! I'd love to go!!! GRRRRRRRRRR.... hope the polishing freakos read your post!
Be well Lenny

MIOB said...

I did like the polished bikes too (some of them). That Velocette was awesome....

But if the weather isn't causing any troubles, the turn up is ussually great :)

My iron Hell said...

I'll try to come. Altough I don't consider myself as a "youngster" anymore. But I hope I'll survive a 2hours drive on my unpolished Guzzi, cause it's killing my wrists... :)
BTW if U check my (mini nothing to see)Blog, U'd notice there's not much space to carry camping goods... By any chance U know a good sleeping place a la el cheapo??? Let's say ure place. Doesn't has to be next to ur wife. Carpet is ok! :))

Bubble Visor said...

don't get me wrong, I have nothing against not so youngsters. :)
it's just that on most of the fairs, old-timer shows and caferacer meetings in the Netherlands the younger people stay home for some reason...
you can stay on my carpet if come over :)

My iron Hell said...

Wow, :)
I'll take your carpet into consideration!
Keep you posted!

Bubble Visor said...


My iron Hell said...

Sob... worked on the Guzzi for 3 weeks every day, to finish it for the Piston Party. End as if the little bitch did'nt wanted to go, she about popped everything she could pop. Broken condensator, loosened float-jet, leaking gastank, leaking sparkplug-cable(a new one!!)... Tamed her yesterday, I tought...Today took her for a spin to town for some camping gear, she decided she REALLY DIDN'T wanted to go, and so she popped her clutch. Weep weep sob... I give up now. She won. Might take the car tomorow, but that's gonna take all day to swallow... If you see a really depressed Belgian guy in a Opel Frontera... that would be me.
Oh my god... I think I gonna cry. Mommyieeeeeeeee

Bubble Visor said...

oh that's to bad!
give me a call when your in achterveld