19 Jul 2012

'85 Sporty

bubble mail:


"The blog made me do it!"

When I was making up plans for my new bike build i looked for inspiration on the web and finally I found the bubblevisor blog!
Your blog got me going and soon I bought a Sporty -85 for a good price.
The rear shocks are Marzocchi. (dont know from which bike)
Fork and hubs are from a Honda cbx 550.
I attach a couple of pictures of the result and I hope you enjoy it!

Keep up the good work!!!

Cheers from Sweden,

Thanks David! Great stance, cool paint job and nice details.
You've got a very nice sporty!


Motoyan and CPW Skate Shop

Japan is the melting pot of subcultures and Motoyan and his CPW Skate Shop is in the middle of it.
"Hey, close your mouth! You're drooling."
All pictures are from Motoyan and his blog No Future Tokyo