5 Sept 2013

Alexey's XS400 Clementine

Bubble Mail:

"Hi Lennard!
Wanted to share some pics of my bike. I bought this bike in a pretty poor condition, the frame was bent, most of the electronic parts were substituted with parts from different soviet cars.
It's not that easy to find a bike of that class here in Ukraine, so when I saw it I decided to buy it regardless of the condition.
I started with making a mockup in photoshop, and then started buying the parts that I needed from every corner of the world since you can't find them all here.
Having a son just born and living in an apartment I ended up with almost no time and no space for the project, so I went to dozergarage to ask for help.
And this is what we ended up with, pretty close to the my initial plan.
The modified parts:
Drilled rims (rear rim is from another XS, I had a 16" one and switched it for 18")
A custom made master cylinder
Modified frame
Simplified electrics with a small battery under the seat.
Custom handlebar controls (I made a 3D model with all the dimensions that I can share)

New speedometer, bates style headlight, daytona turn signals
Dunlop K81 tires
Modified tank (used to have a long cap on the it's right, now it has an HD one in the middle)
Cocktail shaker mufflers
Tommaselli grips
The tank has been hand painted by a friend pinstriper from livelinesoldskoolart.
And I named the bike in honor of my son Clement but since the bike is a she it's Clementine now."

Nice bike Alexey! Cool detail the drilled Rims. 


LSR bikes - part 2

Some more nice bikes from LSR
Great paint job on the Icon Brammo Empulse RR
The very cool bosozoku inspired Pangea Speed. Wierd shit :)
And a very nicely done CB750 by Seaweed and Gravel