14 Apr 2011

Motorcycle racing 1969-1990 nostalgia 2 (20897 replies)

I'm going to paint this weekend in Arnhem so this will be my last post till Tuesday. keep the rubber side down

An other great topic on the Autosport Bulletin Board
I checked 125 of the 418 pages...ha!

a small selection


at the joints custom bike show this year Ready Made Motorcycles was clearly inspired by one of the Ace Motor Cycles bikes.

same engine, tires, hand grips, paint job,  rigid frame, tail, seat, magneto, tank, handlebar, color combo, etc
I think the "original" is a much more balanced design.
the Ready Made bike is still a very nice bike but not very original to say at least.
could not find the ready made website..

copy is the highest form of flattery they say but I would be a little bit pissed if someone would do that with my bike to be honest.

Ace Motor Cycle

yes! finally I found the Ace Motor Cycle online!
they don't seem to have a website and the blog has the very confusing name Kobe-IronHorse Lab.
they have made some of the nicest customs in the last 3 years if I may say so.
very nice paint jobs indeed. Pots design does the pin striping on these bikes.