29 Oct 2012

Руслан Абзалов

Bubble mail:
"Hi. I'm your blog reader from Russia. So i have one photo for you.
I think this in your stile, and i'm in helmet with bubble visor there.
i hope you will post it. Good luck"

Thanks dude, nice picture, cool bike!

Farmer's Racer SR500 redesign and backpack plans.

"After a little visit in the ditch in august, the bike was redesigned from cafe racer to tracker. More suitable for the poor roads in my neighbourhood. Both me and the bike seems to share oppinion regarding direction in a much easier way now.

Getting colder in Sweden – and this autumn has been rainy. The garage season is over, and farmer’s racer is moving to the winter residence – with a Singer 29K33. The plans for www.farmersracer.com is to start producing packbags for motorcycling and adventure. Prototypes will be designed and tested during the winter. 150 square meters of garage has to fit into a 20 square meters of office. A new / old machine has been purchased – able to sew up to 10 mm of stacked leather. After a small renovation and some adjustments of thread tension, the machine is not missing a stitch. Internet is the perfect archive when it comes to old manuals. This machine will be the centerpiece of 2013 production from farmer’s racer: hand (or foot) stitched packbags for adventure, farming and motorcycling."

Thanks Lars for the nice pictures and the Famer's Racer update.
Looking forward to see more.