4 Jul 2016

Rumble Speed Shop - Blue Bullet

Bubble Mail:
"This bike was the first Rumble Motorcycle-project.  
After searching for a good donor I found a Yamaha XT350. It was in perfect condition, with not so good looks, but great potential. I had my work cut out for me.
For a better stance I did a bunch of things; I lowered the front by fitting a smaller wheel and a beefy upside-down Kawasaki front suspension. 
With the Dunlop Dirt Track tires, a better looking gas tank and a big headlight, the focal point had now shifted to the front. 
I lifted the backside by fitting a specially machined spacer for the monoshock rear suspension. 
With these adjustments I exactly got the desired stance.
With its rebuilt carbs, four valves and big exhaust it is a pretty fast motorcycle. The great suspension makes it a sharp handling bike. So we think BLUE BULLET is a suitable name.
Furthermore a lot of work went into the details. See the pictures for the looks.

Thanks Rob! Great pictures and cool bike! 
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