17 Jun 2014

Asphalt and Rubber - Electric Harley Davidson Concept Bike featuring in the new Captain America?

Is this a new Electric Harley Davidson almost ready for production?
It looks very much like a production model but what surprises me is that it has a styling that is very diffrent from everything Harley Davidson is selling right now. Only the Harley-Davidson branded brake calipers and the black paint look familiar., and maybe the lines of the tank. It's has no cruiser or flattracker lines. The rear mud guard looks out of place but the rest of the bike has nice lines. Looks like a fun bike to have. If only they made a bike like this with the new 750 engine..!
I this a teaser for a new model in the 500/750 Street range? That would be a huge step for Harley Davidson in the right direction.

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pics from the Daily Mail