29 Jul 2014


Love this project! BMW Japan invited 4 Japanese custom builders. Free to create their own custom R nine T as they wish...! Check it out, very impressive line up!

Shiroh Nakajima established the custom shop, Ritmo-Sereno, in 2001. Now, having left the Ritmo Sereno shop, he started his new personal studio, 46Works, located in Yatsugatake, Japan. I tried to find pictures of his R nine T but I did not find a good one... yet! Check his R9T video here

Hideya Togashi won the Best Of Show Motorcycle award at the 2006 and 2007 Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show. He started Hidemo or Hide Motorcycles in 2003. Yesterday Hideya posted a sneak peak of his R nine T on instagram. Check his R9T video here

The Bratstyle shop opened in 1998. Go Takami of Brat Style is very much into Vintage MX-style custom motorcycles lately and competes in the Twinshock MX Race while busy manufacturing his Brat Style custom motorcycles. Pics of the killer dirt track R nine T are starting to circulate around the web. Check his R9T video here

Kaichiroh Kurosu won the Best Of Show Motorcycle prize two years in a row at the 2012 and 2013 Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show!! He openend his shop Cherry's Comapany in 2000. Can't wait to see what he has done with the R nine T. Onhis instagram there are some vague pictures of he bike. It looks like a wild beast. Check his R9T video here

Check out the R9T.JP website. Very nice to read/follow how each builder builds his own RnineT custom. In August the 4 bikes will be shown to the public.