2 Feb 2010

lady speed

this is a drawing i just did for my upcoming exhibition "Change your tyre"
Van .

some info about the exhibition

lennard schuurmans was born wearing motor boots in Dedemsvaart, the Netherlands in 1979. Since a few years now he lives in Amsterdam with his skattie patattie. His work consists of drawings, installations, paintings, murals, and illustrations.

Lennard Schuurmans is using old techniques to make something new. while zapping through art deco, cartoon network, the golden age of illustration and pop culture he's creating wild lines, crazy action, smoking free forms, cutting shapes, burning colors, sweating shades of green, shivering silhouettes, floating landslides, dirty explosions, puzzling compositions and depth in flat shapes and...he's a motorcycle junkie.
for this exhibition he will show new drawings and paintings based on his moto addiction so don't forget to bring your motorcycle!

when? 27.03. - 01.05
opening? 26.03.2010
where? Extrabold. Luxembourg