1 Oct 2014

Barn Fresh X Bell - Bell Bullitt - Lennard Schuurmans

Barn Fresh x Bell!!!
Friend of BubbleVisor spotted my new Bell Bullitt graphic design today at the Intermot show. So cool that I can finally show it here! 
Chad Hodge, the designer of the helmet, is working for Bell now. In the beginning of 2014 Chad asked me to design a limited edition for Bell. I will show the design process later on Bubble Visor. 
This new Bell Bullitt limited edition will be for sale next year. So this will be the first official Bubblevisor helmet with a bubblevisor, ha!
Can't wait to hear what you guys think of the design!  Let me know!

Raffaele Paolucci - part 2

Check his blog streetracker for much more

Raffaele Paolucci - part 1

I love Raffaele Paolucci action shots! 
He's one of the best photographers in the motorcycle scene that I know.
Check his blog streetracker for much more