28 Jan 2015

Barn Fresh X Bell Bullitt - The making-of # 2

This is a repost of the Chad Hodge Thesis Project that I posted on Bubble Visor in October 2010. 
And yes, Chad did get a massive response on that post! I have never had so much response to a post on Bubble Visor before or after the Bullitt. After some time Bell got in contact with Chad. Together with Bell Chad worked on the production model that is almost an exact copy of of his original design and it's now finally in production.
After a few months Chad asked me to remove the post on Bubble Visor because people kept emailing him about the helmet. At that time he was already working with Bell on the production helmet :)


First off, I love your blog. It was one of my locations for inspiration during the project I want to share with you in this email. I am a recent graduate of the industrial design program at the University of Cincinnati and for my thesis I designed a retro full face helmet. The idea came about when I went to purchase a new full face helmet and I couldnt find anything that wasnt styled to look like it belonged with a crotch rocket. I ride a 1978 Yamaha XS1100 and wanted something that would at least attempt to match that aesthetic. There are plenty of vintage half helmets out there, but after a buddy got his face saved by his full face, I dont wear anything but. Its currently just a show model, but I am interested in trying to get it prototyped.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some images with you and if you like, I would love it you wanted to post any of them. If you would like any more info or anything let me know. Thanks a lot for your time and for having such a great blog"