11 Jan 2011

gr650 "action"

did something with my gr650...!
I'm slow, I know... taking my time.
removed the front mudguard. will try to turn it into a slimmer version.
removed my rear wheel. Someone is putting my new rear Dunlop F11 tyre on it right now, yes!
it's a front tire, I know, but I found it impossible to find a nice looking 16" tyre
I tried to fit my "harley" rim. I like the look but it doesn't fit.. yet.
the rear axle is wider than my suzuki rim so i have to find a way to adapt it.
tips are welcome :)
more gr650 news will follow

I still need a new gas tank.
bought a Suzuki GT 250 tank but it doesn't look nice and the frame of the GR is very wide an high so I need a gastank with a huge tunnel.
something like a Honda TL125 would be nice but they are impossible to find over here.
I like the look of these tanks.
probably need to make a custom tank but if someone knows a standard gas tank that looks sort of simular to this please let me know.