16 Feb 2012

Speed Shop Design big ass

Last year he build the amazing cool Beezerker and now he's working on a very special Ducati.
Cool Avon GP Wets..
Check the Speed Shop Design blog here

Barn Fresh

Thank you for the positive feedback!
Means al lot to me coming from you guys.

The T-shirt from the last post is a photoshop mock up.
I'm still in the designing process. Details like labels,
packaging and fabrics, still need a lot of attention.
Tomorrow I will go to a eco-friendly silkscreen printer in Amsterdam
and hope to pick two organic cotton T-shirts. Probably a grey one and
an off white one.

I always dreamed about starting my own store and produce my own
products with a soul and now this will hopefully be the first small step
in the good direction. The first product from Barn Fresh will be a
Bubble Visor Tee. :)
Let's hope there is enough interest from the Bubble Visor crowd
to make a nice start, ha!

Here on Bubble Visor I will keep you updated about the beginning of
this new adventure.