24 Jun 2013

Trip to Wheels and Waves - Friday - At the lighthouse part 1

Friday was the best day of Wheels and Waves. Perfect weather, cool ride, loads of cool bikes and riders and the drag race in the mountain hills was the absolute best f%#cking thing I ever saw. Southsiders for president!
The day started at the Lighthouse.

Trip to Wheels and Waves - Thursday - The Exhibition

Wow, the concept Beemer build with the help of Roland Sands was there! Was hoping to see it at Wheels and Waves because I had heard rumors about Rolands coming to Biarritz and he and the bike where there! It's a concept bike with loads of RSD products that will never be part of a production bike but I spoke to one of the BMW designers and he told me there will be a production bike that will have a lot of the design ideas from this bike. Can't wait to see that. I hope the fairing and especially the headlight will be very similar to this one because it's absolutely brilliant.
Ruby made a very nice full face helmet for the bike.
BMW was showing an other concept bike. The BMW R7. One of the most spectacular bike designs in history. Sadly enough that bike never made it nto production but it was very cool to see it in real life at Wheels and Waves.

El Solitario showed Petardo, the crazy nice Ducati custom. You have to see it with your own eyes to really see how cool this  bike is. This is one of those bikes that is impossible to capture in a  photograph. You have to walk around it and sit on it to see what a nice bike is. The bad news is, it's sold :)