9 Jun 2016

Sinner Supply presents - Hellsrace - 18-19 June

18-19 June 2016, Helzoldlaan, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium.
We are going there in a brilliant old-timer dubble decker bus, ha dope! We're leaving on friday from Eindhoven. We still have some spots in the bus so if if you're thinking of going next weekend and need a place to crash get in contact!

HELLS Flat Track RACE takes place at Helzold Stadion in Belgium on 18-19 June 2016, this beautiful 1/4 mile Speedway Track is the only track in Belgium. It’s located in a green environment with a campsite right next to the track. Campsite doors open on Friday. There’s a canteen, showers and toilets, which makes it easy and affordable to come over AND RACE!
Note: Spectators have great overview of the oval, as it is situated in a pit with a complete stand around the whole track, so there is no excuse to stay home.

Saturday:     Open Training / starts from 10.30 till 15.30 
Sunday:     Race Day / Newbie, Rookie, AM, Thunder, Vintage & Pro Class Dash for Cash:     Prize money (only for Pro Class) Entrance tickets:  

Pre-sale tickets 12 Euro (this includes camping for 1 person) Tickets at the door 15 Euro (additional 5 Euro camping per person)  Free entrance for riders + 1pers (including camping) E-tickets will be available in a couple of weeks.

Hellsrace is part of the DTRA Hooligan Racing
The entries have now opened for the DTRA Hooligan Racing mini-series. It is presented by Harley-Davidson and sponsored by Sideburn, Co-Built and Roland Sands Designs, but open to all makes and models.

The rules are very simple.

750cc or bigger engine.
Stock frame (from the bike the engine is from)
No knobbies. Road legal or dirt track tyres only.

Mid Summer Night Ride - 18 of June - Amsterdam

Next weekend I'll be racing in the newbies class at Hellsrace. For the ones that can't make it to Hellsrace next weekend this is an other nice event and I made the flyer. :) 
Mid Summer Night Ride. Hosted by Riders Society Amsterdam and the Rusty Gold Motorshop.

Project Townsmoker - stitch lines

Here you see me, looking like a snake, drawing the stitch lines on the seat :)
Klaassen Originals is a local seat upholstery in Eindhoven. We showed him the seat yesterday morning and he's gonna try to finish it before Hellsrace! Fingers crossed!
Can't wait to see the final result!

After that Martin started working on the gas tank again. He spend all day working on the gas tank. He he found some new gas leaks, cleaned the tank, fixed the leaks, cleaned it up again. refilled it with gasoline. And then it started leaking at an other spot....! This happened 6 or seven times but finally around 18.00 hour it was not leaking anymore. Let's hope it stays like that now! Now we still have to primer it to check if we can find some more small leaks and then we're gonna use tank cure to finish it. 

While Martin was working on the tank I reassembled the bike. We wanted to check if it was still running properly. Since the crash last year at Dirtquake we never fired it up any more. 
Around 21.00 We put the bike outside. Checked everything but it did not make a sound...? 
Shit! We checked again and found the problem. Some loose wires.
Second try. 
Now the engine was turning but not enough power to start the engine. Damn, my battery charger was in Amsterdam. Shit, oh well, we will fire it up next time. We put the bike inside again. Started cleaning up the atelier. It was time to go home. Martin tried it one more time. Bahbohbahbaohbah!

It was running!!! 

Project Townsmoker - Shaping the seat

I hate flat seats, the ones we see all around us on custom these days. A seat can make or brake a nice custom so I've been thinking about how to make my own seat look good for a looooooooong time, ha. So when I finally started with this thing I was kind of nervous to fuck it up. But I had done loads of research, made countless photoshop sketches over the years for this bike and I knew more or les how it should look in 3d. On Tuesday I wanted to finish the seat and bring it to a local seat upholstery in Eindhoven so it would be just in time for Hellsrace next weekend.

The first picture is when I thought it was finished the first time. But when I started drawing the stitch lines on the seat I quickly realized it was still to big. Old desert sled seats can be big and look rad at the same time but this thing was huge so I started slimming it down.

I worked for hours with the grinder on this seat in the blazing sun. sweat dripping from my head, wearing ear protectors, gloves, protection glasses that fogged up from the heat. It was a mess. The neighbours probably didn't like it very much ha!

To make it symmetrical and look good from all angles is hard. It's not perfect but I'm happy how it turned out.

Project Townsmoker - seat pan

Last week Martin painted the subframe black as a surprise birthday present, thanks dude! :)
So that was a nice start.
Than we readjusted the seat pan to the new subframe. Made some mounting points to fit it to the frame. And I made a rough sketch with foam for the seat.