28 Jan 2014

Relase Party - The Next Issue - THIS IS NOW! CHPRS MGZN

Join the release party of "The Next Issue" of THIS IS NOW! CHPRS MGZN on February the 15th at Short Cut Choppers in Hoorn. BARN FRESH is proud to be one of the new sponsors for THIS IS NOW! CHPRS MGZN.

 "It's gonna happen.....again!! Another magazine, another party!
February the 15th we'll all be at Short Cut Choppers in Ede, the Netherlands. Cross+eyed and Banished will perform their loud rock and roll, we'll be having a beer, and the next issue will be available for €5,-! How about that? You're al welcome from 8 PM and we'll party all night! And for all the hardcore chopper riders, you can park your bike right in front of da band! Well, Sort of!
Hope to see ya'll there!!"



The vintage chopper scene is very active these days. The Dutch Sik overheard a guy looking at some vintage chopper pics saying, "Man, I was surely born in the wrong time!" This kept Sik thinking. Why born in the wrong time? Here we are in the middle of it all, parties, shows and great friends building great choppers. I think he was born excactly at the right time! Forget the old days, This is Now! So he started his own chopper magazine.

The first issue came out in September 20013 and the new issue is almost going to the printer.
Here's a small photo impression of the first issue of this nice magazine.

THIS IS NOW! CHPRS MGZN is a new sponsor on Bubble Visor. Welcome on board.
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