26 May 2013

How to win the Flakester at Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2013

Here is the Deal ..
They will sell 2000 raffle tickets for each 5€uro .
For your 5€uro you can win this bad ass custom made iron head done by the Flake Kings for KKF.
They will start selling the raffle tickets friday when the gate opens at 13.00.
So don't miss your chance ..
 2 ticket per person is the limit
The raffle is saturday at 18.00 and the winner must be present 

Build by the Flake Kings
Paint by Royal Jack 

Welding by Ruud ell Torro
Seat by
Miller Kustom Upholstery


Who's going to Bottrop next week?
I heard from a lot of guys they where planing to go this year.
We're going with 2 cars... If I can fix my GR in time I will ride there on two wheels..!
I'm the nerd with turtle shell glasses and mustache taking pictures all the time :)

The Flakester by the Flake Kings

The Flake Kings are working hard to finish the Flakester Raffle bike for Kustom Kulture 2013 next week.

High Octane

Great shots
Check High Octane here


Changed my stator yesterday.
Thanks BC and Zoran for the help :)