23 Jul 2015

Ben Part - Dirt Quake 4 - Inappropriate Road Bike - 3rd group - Second heat

Ben Part took these great action shots of me going over the finish line in the Inappropriate road bike - 3rd group - second heat at Dirtquake 4 last weekend.
And I love that shot of me smiling my face off after the race.  Thanks Ben!

Dirt Quake 4 - Inappropriate Road Bike - Final - Crash!

In the final I crashed in the last corner... Shit! Broke my collarbone and top rib and missed one hell of a party later that night. I spend the night in the hospital. I think I was going to fast in the corner and hit the teenage mutant ninja turtle a.k.a. Hubert Bastie. 

This is what he said: "Im happy you're ok. Yes you hit me, my leg was locked between your frame and your fork... I saw you crash right after. But damn !! Your were fast "

My brother was filming it from the start. Check the final here:

Dirt Quake 4 - Inappropriate Road Bike - 3rd group - Second heat

Dirt Quake 4 was brilliant! Thanks Sideburn Magazine and everyone involved!

The Suzuki GR650, that I build with my brother Martin Schuurmans in the last months, handled great on the track. I came in second in the first heat and... First in the the second heat! :)))
Check this video to see me win the second heat! :)

 Broke some bones in the final so that was a bit of a bummer but luckily my brother decided to come along to Dirt Quake and was able to drive me home safely, thanks bro for the good care!