23 Jul 2015

Dirt Quake 4 - Inappropriate Road Bike - 3rd group - Second heat

Dirt Quake 4 was brilliant! Thanks Sideburn Magazine and everyone involved!

The Suzuki GR650, that I build with my brother Martin Schuurmans in the last months, handled great on the track. I came in second in the first heat and... First in the the second heat! :)))
Check this video to see me win the second heat! :)

 Broke some bones in the final so that was a bit of a bummer but luckily my brother decided to come along to Dirt Quake and was able to drive me home safely, thanks bro for the good care! 


Mason said...

Congratulations on the success and condolences on the injuries. I hope your riding isn't too limited.

Bubble Visor said...

Thanks Mason!

Probably no riding the next 6 weeks so that's a bummer but I'm glad it's nothing more serious.