11 Dec 2014

Sideburn X Barn Fresh - Track Demons Tee

Dope! Today I finally had time to pick up my latest collaboration project. The Sideburn X Barn Fresh Track Demons T-Shirt! Need an original XMas Gift? This might be it :)

I don't think Sideburn Magazine needs an extra introduction but here it is anyway for those of you that have been living under a rock. Sideburn Magazine is the world’s finest, most glamorous, most colourful, most informative, global-reaching go fast, turn left magazine. All right, the world’s only go fast, turn left magazine. The place where every weekend is a dirty weekend. Thanks guys for making this happen! Sideburn for president.

I use Barn Fresh for my motorcycle related art work and products. This is the first multi coloured Barn Fresh Tee. Printed on a very lightgrey/blue shirt. 
I custom dyed the tees myself so they are all slightly different in colour.
All designs are hand made by Lennard Schuurmans, printed locally in Amsterdam with water based ink on certified organic cotton jersey. You can order them now in my Barn Fresh shop
for 37,50 plus shipping.

Shipping cost:
1 Barn Fresh Tee, 
the Netherlands € 2,56
World wide € 5,25 

You can save on shipping costs if you pick them up in Amsterdam. :) 

How to order? 
Pick your size: S, M, L, XL 
Fit is between regular and slim.

RadJalopy - 23rd Annual Yokohoma Hot Rod Custom Show

RadJalopy - 1990 Harley-Davidson XLH883 Sportster

Sorry for my lack of updates recently but I'm in the middle of some changes so that means less time for Bubble Visor.

RadJalopy recently finished his brilliant 1990 Harley-Davidson XLH883 Sportster, just in time for the Hot Rod custom Show 2014 in Yokohama.
perfect flames! Great proportions, beautifull lines, this this is tres cool!