22 Jun 2015

Raw Candy - CB500F

My Good friend Bc buid a nice new custom CB500F

"Hi Lenny,

This is the latest from my shed. The goal was a nice looking, uncomplicated, low budget café-racer style bike, with space for a passenger. It should be reversible into an original CB, so just bolt-on changes.
No frame-shave this time. It is a stock CB500F frame, everything on the frame is kept intact, including the two helmet holder hooks on the frame. Clip-ons are 70's NOS items, which are a bit lower then M-bars, but more pointed backwards, so all in all more comfortable.
The seat is made from 1mm flat sheet, with beads on the underside, to make it stronger. Overkill really, because the seat rests on a small frame which hinges like the original seat does.
The LUCAS repro tail light is attached to the seat, as is the license plate. The whole unit fits straight onto any standard cb500f frame.
On the right side of the bike is the fairly silent 70's 'MACH 1' Bos exhaust , which came from Kay.
A Yamaha light, probably from an old rd-something, takes care of the illuminating business.

Oh yeah, and Koni shocks.



Thanks BC, cool bike! 
And thank you for the nice riding shots with the new owner, looks like a great match!

Don't forget to check the Raw Candy blog for more sweet stuff!

21 Jun 2015

GR650 - mugshots

GR650 - Gas Tank progress

While I was working on the headlight mount and headlight visor, Martin was working on the gas tank and made some great progress. It's so nice to slowly see this bike transform before our eyes.

GR650 - visor

To weeks ago, while I was trying some options for the headlight, I noticed that the side of the vintage headlight looked a lot like the header bends that I had lying around. Yesterday I looked at it again and thought, what the heck, lets give it a try so I shaped one of the header bends in shape with an angle grinder and made a mock up with some tape. 

The shape reminds me a little of a windshield and also looks a little like the sportster headlight visor. I tried to weld it on, burned a huge hole and asked Martin to fix it for me :)
Behold, it's still a little rough but the GR650 has a new visor!

GR650 - Headight Mount

I changed plans again for the front of the GR650. I found a way to use the small vintage General Electric headlight. I made a mount for it and had something extra in mind to make it work... :)


The next day we had a nice ride at the posbank