12 Jul 2013

Amsterdam Amateur Skate Contest

Today is the first day of Volcoms Amsterdamn AM.
Volcom Asked me to design the poster for the Amateur Skate Contest in Skate Park Amsterdam. 12, 13 and 14 July. 10000 Euro prize money. More info on VolcomEurope.com.
A Lennard Schuurmans x Volcom T-Shirt is in the pipeline, dope!

cool stuff

found on Inuchopper and Sp@retime

Ring A Ding Ding - Part 2

Ring A Ding Ding - part 1

Deus Venice, California organised a two stroke festival called RING A DING DING and they send me some nice pictures of the event.

"The parking lot at The Emporium of Postmodern Activities is, for the most part, a civilized place; an evolved tarmac where mannerly citizens maneuver their EPA compliant vehicles in an orderly, adult fashion. It’s a peaceful strip of asphalt. Sometimes, though, shit gets out of hand. Well, sort of. Not really. What we’re talking about here is Ring A Ding Ding, the two stroke love-in we threw last weekend that transformed our otherwise genteel back lot into an oil and gas breathing attack on the senses. Over fifty motorcycles were on display, each displaying their unique bits of personality when their owners started them up. The resulting choir of smoke and sound that filled the air was all too fitting for the Fourth of July weekend. Firing up a two-stroke motorcycle is like lighting fireworks. The crackle of the engine sounds like fireworks, the smoke pouring out of the exhaust looks like fireworks. The whole thing just feels like you’re breaking a bunch of rules, like it can blow up in your face at any moment. It’s that uneasiness you feel when you’re not quite sure if your neighbors are going to call the cops. It’s awesome"

Thanks guys, cool stuff!