17 Oct 2013

BMW R nineT - BMWblog - outside

Much more shots on BMWblog

This is just a small selection

BMW R nineT - BMWblog - details

My geuss is this will not be a very affordable BMW
Look at all the very nice deatils on this bike
Let's hope I'm wrong but this bike probably is much more expensive than the R1200R

BMW R nineT - BMWblog - concept sketches and studio shots

The R nineT is going to be a MASSIVE hit!
It has a brilliant sound, looks great, is very easy to customize in a matter of seconds. We will see this bike all over the place soon.
Watch the video featuring El Solitario, Roland Sands, Blitz and Urban Motor Here (full screen mode)

While looking for some high res pictures I stumbled upon some interesting concept sketches on the BMWblog
Plus all the pictures you would like to see in high res