16 Sept 2013

Retro Wheels 2013

Great weekend. On Saturday I finally got the chance to work on the SV650. Got it on the road again but still have to change a lot before I can start using it again. Removed the clip ons and changed it for a drag bar. Turned out it was much more complicated than just swapping the tripple clamp. Had to rewire the brake line, still have to cut down the gigantic electric loop that was hidden in the SV fairing. The brak fluid reservoir needed a new mount. Kay made me a new mount for the recylcled speedo and tachometer. New mirror mount. I think I have to extend the gas cables, had to buy new headlight brackets and headlight, new blinkers, etc, etc. Just before dark I rode home from my friends garage near Utrecht without a working front light, blinkers, mirror, proper working front brake. I made it home safe but that was a rather sketchy ride...

Sunday I went to Retro Wheels in Scheveningen. Was planning to go on the GR650 but it still has some clutch problems so I decided to go on the Super100.
Arrived very late at Retro Wheels so I missed most of the bikes but the vibe and location was very good. Met a lot of nice people. Will be back next year!
More pictures on their facebook