6 Jun 2014

Planet Japan - XL250 Garage Ride

Found on Planet Japan

Harley Davidson Street 750 Flat Tracker at X Games Austin

Now it's getting very interesting!
I give you all the pictures of the new Harley Davidson Street Tracker 750 that I could find online in one place. This is a thing of beauty. Never thought I would say something like that about a 2014 Harley Davidson..!

Imagine a street version of this Steet 750 flat tracker. That would be tits!
But don't get to exited just yet. 
Frame, wheels, mono set up, front fork, tail, gas tank, side radiators, exhaust, all are different from stock. Looks like they only used the engine from the Street 750.
But that doesn't mean they won't start making a similar street version in the future.

For me this is the most exciting news coming from Harley Davidson since I started this blog in 2008.
Great move Harley!
Now kids finally have something to dream about.

More pics will probably show up in the following days at #XGamesFlatTrack