10 May 2011

a tribute to my first Bike

I always wanted a motorbike since I can remember but I chose to be an artist with no money, ha!
finished art school in 2003 and lived anti-squad for 4 years in an old office building in Rotterdam. freezing in the winter, travelling trough Europa, doing exhibitions, trying to make a dollar with my drawings and paintings. in 2007 I moved to Amsterdam and I finally had to money to get my motorcycle licence

this tasty street racer Kawasaki GPZ1100 was the first bike I bought.
I knew it wasn't the bike I wanted when I bought it on my 28th birthday in 2007
but it looked so freaking sweet and it made an amazing sound.
I just had to buy it.

kept it for a year. this is the best looking bike I owned.
sold it to a Japanese dude. never spoke to the guy.
a Dutch garage bought it for him. they didn't even start the motor. they just threw the thing in a white Van with two more Japanese bikes lying around on the floor of that stupid Van and left..
felt really bad

I left my email address in the headlight..
so if someone sees this GPZ1100 in Japan, tell the owner it used to be mine, ha


this sweet thing just parked in front of my studio.
very nice paint job.
you can't really see it in these crappy smart phone pics but it has nice metal flakes in the dark green parts.
had a nice talk with the owner. he told me that he painted the bike like this 17 years ago. the engine is bored up to 1100 cc. he said he was thinking about a more classic paint job. 

this bike reminds me of my firts bike. a kawaski gpz1100
will post some pics of that bike later on.

spice mc

crazy shop window:

and Fuck You