21 Oct 2013

Palhegyi Design Star Bolt

Palhegyi Design was invited for the Star Bolt custom build-off.
There's not a lot of information to be found about this stunning bike but it's easy to notice that they  radically changed the frame with a new mono shock. The frame is wrapped much tighter around the engine and they cut out the angled down tubes in front of the frame giving it a cleaner look. The 19” dirt track wheels, a modified dirt track tail section, and a two-inch chopped tank clearly are inspired by King Kenny's 1975 TZ750 Yamaha dirt tracker.
I think it's a winner. Let's hope Star/Yamaha get's inspired to build a street tracker bike very soon.

bunnies of the zombie apocalypse

Bubble Mail

When Tom was riding two weeks ago he met this bike, Ray's Beeza,  and he thought it was something I would might enjoy Bubble Visor.
Thanks Tom!
Great bunnies of the zombie apocalypse bike :)