8 Jul 2011

El Solitario M.C. at Deccla 6Hours Endurance Race 2011

sweet pictures of the Deccla 6Hours Endurance Race 2011 from the El Solitario M.C. blog.

next year El Solitario M.C. will race a 1972 Ducati 350 which they are preparing for the Metamorfosis Masiva contest
they invited me to be their guest :)
so now I need a 70s bike that's able to ride to Cartagena Spain..


bron- church of choppers


bron- chopperstyle

1st Flanders Chopper Run

let's hope my wannebe British twin is welcome :)

the little green mamba

still had to show this bike from bottrop
crazy disco zombie freak custom
some very interesting details