16 May 2011

nice villiers crate

found on marktplaats
Bijschrift toevoegen


found here

exhibit opening

my two pieces in the middle, Lil Shy's textile work on the right and Hylands floating horse on left.
they needed a new sign for the Andenken gallery so I made one 2 hours before the show. didn't have time enough to finish it so it's still a sign in progress, ha!

who built this SR?

readers question:

"hello my friend....
whats up??

i hope all good!


i wanted to ask u something.....
do u recognize this bike??
do u know who built it??

i was chatting with Kim Boyle (http://Boylecomm.blogspot.com), on facebook... about this SR...
he sent me the pics...
but he doesnt remember either, who was the builder!!!

take care


Who can help Chris with this question?


found on sp@retime