11 Jul 2012


Wheels and Waves part 2

On the day of the auction I was hanging out with Gary Inman.
In the middle of the day it was crazy hot so we where sitting in the shade at the Dice Magazine stand drinking gin tonics and crackers with cheese and home-made marmalade.

While drinking an other gin tonic and wearing shorts and a t-shirt David from El Solitario asked me if I wanted to test ride the just finished Trimotoro V650 Moto Guzzi. Hell yes!
I borrowed a helmet and gloves and jumped on the Guzzi. I never rode a Guzzi before.
It was a blast. I expected the seat to be very uncomfortable but I can tell you I was wrong. My bare knees touched the cylinders a few times so my knees where on fire the next days but it was great to ride in Biarritz after standing on the side taking pictures while everyone was blasting through town and me wanting to ride so badly...

It handled great, perfect riding geometry, nice power output and a sweet sound, the gin making me feeling a little light in the head, nice breeze and perfect weather. I was in heaven for 30 minutes. Thanks David, you the man. :)


Via Motor-forum.nl