22 Jul 2016

Davida Jet Helmet for the winner of the Ladies class at Dirt Quake V.

Davida donated this Davida Jet Helmet to the winner of the Ladies class at Dirt Quake V.
They used my artwork for the helmet, how cool is that!

Davida produces high quality, luxury open face motorcycle helmets made in England, UK. 
They have been defining quality in their own way for more than thirty years. Based on the Wirral, England, Davida are now the sole UK manufacturers of open face motorcycle helmets. These open face motorcycle helmets are still hand-built in England using the best quality materials available. Every distinctive livery and detail is carefully created by individuals who still care about these things. Times have changed and the company is constantly evolving yet their helmets seem to look right whatever the decade. 

Dirt Quake V #16

Dirt Quake V #15

The second heat was my best race. My start was weak but I managed to overtake most of the other riders and in the last turn I was fighting for the first place. I just missed it. 2nd in the second heat. Not bad! :)
Zoran again took the holeshot in his second heat in the chopper class and again finished 4th.

Dirt Quake V #14

In the first heat the track was dry and I did much better than in the training. I finished 3rd. Look at that happy grin on my face, haha!
Zoran also did a fantastic first heat, he had the holeshot and stayed ahead of Guy Martin in the first round. Super rad! He finished 4th if I remember correctly. Well done buddy!

Dirt Quake V #13