19 Feb 2014

THIS IS NOW! release party

Some pictures from the THIS IS NOW! release party last Saturday at Short Cut in Ede

You can't see it in my lousy pictures but it was very crowded
Cool band and nice people and the new This is now magazine is great!
More about that soon.

Thanks Sik! 

Update - Project GR650 Townsmoker

I'm doing an arc welding course at the moment and this is going to be the first 100% Lenny welded custom part on my bike, ha
Before and After

Raw Candy CB400F

Monday night me and the Coenen twin went to the BC's Raw Candy shop to see his latest build that he build as a display bike for the new Rockerbox shop in shop in Utrecht.
Two months ago I sold him my old CB400F that was collecting dust in my shed. BC turned it into a very nice street tracker. On Tuesday the bike had to be finished so he was still working like a maniac to get it finished in time. Will make some pics of the finished bike probably next month.