10 Sept 2015

Honda XR600R Lazybones

Bikeexif posted 1 picture on their Instagram of this crazy nice Honda XR600R.
I needed to see more so I did some digging on the interwebs and found these high res pics. :)
Link to pics. Fanatstic paint job. Love the lines of the tail/seat. The way the frame cuts the bike in two is brilliants and that single side swingarm that mimics a rigid frame is of the hook! This is now one of my favorite customs of this year so far!

Info from Bikeexif:
This sweet little bobber was built by Mikhail Matveev and his friends, at the Saint Petersburg-based workshop Kon'-Ogon' (loosely translated as 'Fire Horse'). Amazingly, it's based on a dirt bike: a 86-model Honda XR600R.  The engine was pieced together from the best bits of two donors. The front end is from a Ural, the swingarm is completely custom and the rear wheel is originally from a car (an Opel, to be precise). It's a great example of what can be achieved with a tight budget and an open mind."