20 Oct 2014

Project VT500 Ascot - mirror, rear fender, ignition switch, LED rear light, handle bar

A week ago I bought a second hand mirror and rear fender at motorsloop Wegman Motoren in Aalsmeer. I had to cut of some pieces and drilled some holes to make the fender fit. The mirror was rusty so it needed some attention. Sandpaper did the trick.

A few weeks ago I lost my Ascot keys at Goodwood so I needed a new ignition lock. The stock ignition lock is a pain in the ass. You can't reach it when you're wearing gloves so I decided to relocate the new ignition switch to the left side. I made a small bracket from a piece of metal. Drilled 5 holes in it with my biggest drill and with a iron file I made the big hole that I needed to fit the ignition switch. Took me almost an hour to make that hole but I managed, ha!

The handle bar that I mounted some weeks ago was crooked so I needed an other one. My good friend Zoran sponsored me a nice gold anodized Rental thinwall handle bar. I did not like the gold so again I did the sandpaper workout. I think it almost took me 3 hours to get rid of the gold but now it's looking fresh!

The new rear light is a vintage Hella (bicycle?) light that I bought some years ago. Dimitri from Super Motor co. helped me to convert it to 3 LED lights. If I would have used the normal fitting I would have to dril a hole in the fender to make room for the fitting and it did not have a stop light function. Chris Dekker welded the little anus under the headlight, thanks Chris :)

Now I just need a license plate bracket to get it on the road again.

Project VT500 Ascot - swiss cheese

Yesterday I drilled some speed holes in the stock foot peg bracket and repainted the footpegs
As you can see my Hagon rear shocks need some attention.

RS09 BMW K100RS for sale

Roel Scheffer is selling his mind blowing RS09:
Ask price; 3500,-
Need to make space + budget for new project.
This bike is featured on countless websites and in several worldwide paper magazines.
Drove it for +/- 2500km since rebuild, minor usermarks.
Very reliable bike.

Brand: BMW
Type: K100RS
Year: 1985
Engine: 8v
Displacement: 1000cc
Power: 74hp on the rear-wheel, bike should be fine-tuned on a Dyno.
Injection, bigger injectors, home-made stainless intake-plenum, K&N filter, original air mass sensor,
adjustable injection pressure valve
Exhaust: Home-made stainless, made entirely out of segments, Termignoni silencer
Frame: home-made sub frame
Wheels : standard wheels
Front-end: standard forks with thicker oil, 4cm lower by putting forks through upper plate
Rear-end: Koni “sports” k1100 shock-absorber
Gas tank: aluminum BMW-tank modified, narrowed and lower end of tank heavily modified. 20L
Further specifications:
Front fairings: BMW-K100RS fairings heavily modified with help of polyester/epoxy, brought in line
with tank, rear and new subframe.
Seat: BMW-K100RS seat narrowed and shortened, seat = foam.
Dash: Danmoto digital
Steer: Aluminum Clip-ons, CNC-milled clamps.
Footrests: modified GS500
Electronics: Minimalized K100RS electrics. Start/light/contact brought together just under tank
Fairings paint: Light pearl-white + candy blue striping + black outlines. Done by Kustombart.
Other paint: Black finish with 2k clear coat done by me.

Contact: scheffers.roel@gmail.com

photo's Vincent Burger