11 Jul 2015

Trying to get ready for Dirtquake!!!

Aaahhh!! Trying to get ready for Dirtquake!!! Bought my first car (Daihatsu gran move) to get there. Still need to find out if I can fit the GR650 in the car...! 

 New wheels arrived, looking great! Could use some help. :) 
Yesterday we wanted to change the oil, normally it contains 2.4 liter of oil. It flowed out much faster than normal and it didn't stop after 2.4 liters. I think it was something like 5 liters this time and it smelled like gasoline, shit! So how can that happen? Troubles with the carbs is my first guess. Have to find out this weekend because I'm leaving to Dirtquake next Friday! 

 Oh, who's also planning to go to Dirtquake this year? More Dutch guys? Leaving Amsterdam on friday around 17.00 hour. Still have to see hom much space I have left in the Gran Move but I think I have an extra spot  left in my car so if you would like to go to Dirtquake send me an email. lennardschuurmansATgmail.com