3 Sept 2014

The 2014 Cosmic Nozems Motorshow - part 13 - Ed Turner

This was my favorite bike from the show.
With this R65 Ed Turner found a look completely of his own. Everything compliments each other.
How the engine heads resonate with the exhaust pipes and headers, the rear lights that mimic the exhaust, the angular shaped cowl and seat. The long swing arm is maybe a little over the top but this is a Beemer that looks like no other in a time where most custom Beemers are copies of copies. 
Oh wait.. Ed Turner made an identical twin. This is BMW R65 V2. Here is BMW R65 V1!
Okay, so maybe this one looks like an other one but Ed Tuner made that one too so that doesn't count, right? Ha!

The 2014 Cosmic Nozems Motorshow - part 12 - Ed Turner

Unless you're smoking weed everyday you probably don't want to ride around town with this leaf pattern on your gas tank. And yes, it seems everybody already made a seat from a skateboard these days but the way Ed Turner used the trucks to attached the "seat" to the frame is very elegant, great touch!
I like this bike CB30 very much. Imagine a leather seat on it and a subtle hand painted tank instead of the teenage poster that he stick on it and you've got a brilliant bike!

The 2014 Cosmic Nozems Motorshow - part 11 - Ed Turner

Ed Turner was the most radical custom builder at the cosmic nozem show.
This bike that started out from a cbn400 is an amazing transformation.
A little bit to much "street fighter" vibe for my taste but very spectacular non the less.
Check the Ed Turner website here