12 Nov 2015

Motomambo Al Blair - BSA B32

Bubble mail:
"Hi Lennard
I spoke to you way back a while ago about my little BSA creation.
I seem to have stumbled onto a nice idea for a custom muffler for it.
I'm always messing around kinda just keeping busy when a friend gave me
the main body of an old Supertrapp muffler and when I looked at my bikes
it seemed like the only thing it may suit was the BSA. So I made a reducing
adapter to make it fit and fired it up. Sounded great , just like an old speedway
tool. Trouble was I thought it looked awful stumpy and short so when I raked around to
find someway to extend it, I came across this finned exhaust flange. Its a
nasty one from the 80's and it kinda made me smile when I held it against 
the muffler. So I hot glued it on and sent a photo round some of my buddies
thinking they would totally slate it but they all gave it the thumbs up.
I carried on to engineer it to fit which took such a long time cos its all alloy and
I don't have Tig welding. 
I love Bubble Visor and just thought you might consider it for posting.
Oh and by the way, I was amazed to see your escapades at Dirtquake earlier
this year. I had quite a serious crash on a speedway bike in June and 
completely detached my shoulder after a high-side (see pics). 
12 days in hospital and two operations fixed me back together and I'm now
riding/working as hard as ever.
Funny thing was that I had exactly the same arm brace as you had on in your pics !

Keep your posts up and don't let that bubble burst.

Stay oily.

Regards Al Blair
BTW..... there's a full account of muffler madness on my blog at.... motomambo-blog.tumblr.com"
Thanks Al, great idea, love the new muffler on your breathtaking BSA! 
And your other metal work is also brilliant, great stuff!
Damn, your speedway crash looks painfull! Hope you're okay now.


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