23 Aug 2011

Bubble mail:

Hey BubbleVisor!

We're big fans of your blog, so me and the boys down at BlueCat Motors here in St. Paul, MN wanted to share something with you that we did recently. We have a standing Third Thursday get-together each month it's not snowing, and one of our volunteer crew made a great video for the event.


-Nathaniel Salzman

PS. About BlueCat Motors: We're a motorcycle repair shop specializing in older Japanese and European bikes. We work on motorcycles, scooters and even mopeds. We also do a lot of modern metric as well. We do custom stuff from time to time, but mostly we're about keeping the area iron on the road.

Thanks Nathaniel, nice video!

BLUECAT MOTORS - Third Thursday from CASEY BURRES on Vimeo.