16 Feb 2012

Barn Fresh

Thank you for the positive feedback!
Means al lot to me coming from you guys.

The T-shirt from the last post is a photoshop mock up.
I'm still in the designing process. Details like labels,
packaging and fabrics, still need a lot of attention.
Tomorrow I will go to a eco-friendly silkscreen printer in Amsterdam
and hope to pick two organic cotton T-shirts. Probably a grey one and
an off white one.

I always dreamed about starting my own store and produce my own
products with a soul and now this will hopefully be the first small step
in the good direction. The first product from Barn Fresh will be a
Bubble Visor Tee. :)
Let's hope there is enough interest from the Bubble Visor crowd
to make a nice start, ha!

Here on Bubble Visor I will keep you updated about the beginning of
this new adventure.



ElSolitarioMC said...

love it!

TS said...

Cool! I'll have one for sure, Just make sure the T doesn't have too tight a neck!

King Kong Corporation said...

Nice name Lenny, Barn Fresh sounds awesome! I wanna have that Bubble tee!! (-:


Bubble Visor said...

Thanks dudes!
Ton I'll keep it in mind!

Zoran Holtkamp said...

Damned! Thought they were all ready to ship out...
Oh well, i'll wait ;)
I agree with Ian, Barn Fresh is one dope ass brand name!

Beto said...

I want one!

Anonymous said...

Love your art, you'll have a customer in SLC, UT for sure.

Scheffers said...

one for me please! ;)

MotorParade said...

Nice One!

Zachary said...

Diggin it! I'll be checking back. Hopefully I won't miss the boat like I usually do -ZK