11 Apr 2013

KTM 390 Duke 2013 - 1000PS

I think this is the first online review of the new KTM 390 Duke
What is that thing doing on Bubble Visor you may think.

I think this can be the bike we have all been waiting for
It is light - 140 kilogram
It has a powerful 1 cylinder engine
It probably has a nice sound with the right exhaust
A cool looking frame
Nice rims, good brakes, etc.
And the most important thing is.. it is cheap! 5000,- or something like that.

This could be the most interesting platform on the market right now to build a custom bike
Imagine this bike without the orange and all the plastic parts
It's fast enough for a cafe racer, tracker, scrambler, etc
This bike can be so many cool things.

Please KTM send one of these Duke 390's to Roland Sands, Cafe Racer Dreams, the Wrench Monkees, Mule and El Solitario and this could be the new weapon of choice in the custom world



Mark Meisner said...

Don't forget Deus Ex Machina!! :D

Looks like a lot of fun indeed!!

LC8awesomeness said...

The 390 is a single...but a powerfull one at that...and still cool as F***!!

Bubble Visor said...

I don't know why I first wrote that, ha
Just a few seconds before you commented I already changed it :)

@ Mark
Your right, there are many more custom builders that can do amazing things with this bike and Deus is definitely one of them

Adriaan said...

nah, use the 690 instead, same bike, more POWAAAAH

Bubble Visor said...

Yes the 690 is a very cool bike
8.849,00 EURO

That's a very big difference
and to be honest I don't think it looks as good in stock form as the 390

baowah said...


here is our test about the bike! It's really, really cool thing.

Bubble Visor said...

Thanks Baowah

Do you have an english version of your test :)

baowah said...

Not yet, it's too fresh...

but I've got 400 pics from the factory, and factroy racing...

Zoran Holtkamp said...

Awesome little machine!
I'd prefer this to the heavier 690.
Light and nimble ftw ;-)

Harsh Man Rai said...

Hey Lenny, made in India. Love it!

Bubble Visor said...

Yes, India is making a big footprint on the motor map lately, cool!