14 Jul 2015

Yes! The GR650 is ready for Dirtquake $

Small update:

We did it! The bike is race ready for Dirtquake #, thanks for the help everyone, especially you BC! We couldn't have done it without you :) 

Dropped my phone in the toilet this week so no instagram updates lately, sorry about that! You might have followed the progress on my brothers instagram: Martin_Schuurmans.

We had some problems last weekend but we managed to get the GR650 Dirtquake ready :) I convinced my Martin to come along to Dirtquake after I let him test ride the bike, haha. First time for him on a motorbike. Let's hope he's hooked from now on.
My boss will give me the last two hours off on Friday so we're leaving Amsterdam around 15.00 hour this friday. Just booked the Eurotunnel train at 22.30 so we're gonna arrive late in Norfolk but it looks we're gonna make it..! Now I'm getting real nervous, ha!


Jan said...

See you there, I'm not racing, but i'll be cheering!!

Bubble Visor said...

Great, see you there!