21 Jul 2014

Dirt Quake 3 - Part 1

Dirt Quake 3 was dope! Thanks Ben, Gary and the rest of the sideburn crew, it was a brilliant event! The DTRA races on friday where very exciting to watch! It was nice to meet a lot of old friends and to make new ones. Amazing collection of cool rides. Great atmosphere on the track, in the pitch and on the very laidback campsite. My new goal in life is to race next year at Dirt Quake, ha! Thanks Dimitri and Lidewij for the ride! Made a lot of pictures with my smashed sony lens. It still works but the scratches on the lens give my pictures some extra character... :)
The following days I will post a lot more Dirt Quake action, so stay tuned!

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Sideburn Magazine said...

nice one Lenny
grtz BP