31 Mar 2014

Simon Cole - SR500 Trouble

Bubble Mail:

"I'm pretty useless on emailing and attaching things That's why it's taken me 6 years to send you these pictures! Not much left of the original bike. l wanted to build it so if wanted it could be raced. The motor is 540 high compression bigger valves bronze guides ti springs ported & flowed head  38 Mikuni vm re remapped ignition just keeps revving, High volume oil pump home made exhaust. This took the longest to get right. l live on one of the Greek lonnian lslands and out of season have a 90 km test track around the island it now sounds & runs spot on,  if I feel brave we can see off super moto heros!

That's a trick looking SR Simon, dope! This thing is one sexy beast. Love all the details like the swiss cheese all over, ribbed side covers, great seat, perfect gas tank.  And now I want mudflab :)



capnsimo said...

Hey I saw your bike before many years gone by, it is great to see the beauty again, always has been one of those all time most inspiring machines it is just so right and in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, its just great....

Chris Saddler Sam said...

lovely bike!!!

bravo patrioti!!


Yamaha56 said...

Love your bike, great to finally see more pictures. Where did you get that gas tank? I have searched all over the internet to find it. Any info would be appreciated.
You can email me at woodmajo@gmail.com