31 Mar 2014

Ingo Bousa - Puch Maxi

Bubble mail:

"Hi Lennard,
I'm a big fan of bubble visor and check your blog at least once a week for interesting bikes. A couple of months ago I acquired a Puch Maxi on eBay and after some initial miss-firing (ran really badly due to great variety of issues), it is now in a state that is like-able and presentable. Still need to do a couple of things like a new custom clutch and maybe some proper breaks ; ) Yeah, hope you like it! Greetings from Bristol UK

Ingo Bousa"

Thanks Ingo! Great looking Puch, nice transformation. 
Great colour combo .



supaswag said...

Wow, cool.. great that you like it Lenny! : )

I am running a 50cc 6 Port Cylinder Kit with a 15er Bing and just replaced the old clutch with a Superclutch from 1977mopeds.com. Max speed is about 45mph at the moment which is most probably enough to kill me with the original breaks. A work in progress.. perfection will never be achieved :D

Also just decided on a name for it >> M.I.L.F. - Moped I''d Like To F*ck

ps: I'm quite active on Pinterest and have some boards that bike-heads might enjoy:


Chris & Julie said...

Love that horn-is it copper? Anyway I wonder if it would meet vehicle code here in California

supaswag said...

Copper, yes. HONK! HONK!