1 Dec 2013

Project SV650 - TZ250 seat

Got some insurance money last week.
Had a little crash on the SV650 with a blind idiot in a car.
He didn't see me riding in clear daylight.
Nothing serious, dent in my gas tank and some scratches on my side panel and a broken gear shifter.
Right now I'm glad he did not see me cause now I have the funds to chop my SV.
Gonna use the cash to turn my SV in a classic endurance inspired daily rider :) Had the plan since I bought the thing but never had the cash but now I can stop dreaming and start making the thing. Bought a TZ250 seat a while ago. Just ordered Britpart Land Rover Devender tail light and the legend JerryT will make me a new alu gastank and the subframe for the TZ tail.

The seat is to big right now. The blu line is how I'm planning to cut it. 


Skylar said...

Glad you're ok Lenny. Looking forward to the bike's evolution! -S

Bubble Visor said...

Thanks Skylar! :)