4 Jul 2013

Project SV

New TZ250H seat arrived today!
New plans :)

Will cut the seat like the seat in the photosoup

Thank you neighborhood kids for helping out with the mock up :)


ElSolitarioMC said...

loving Project SV!!!! Cut cut cut!!!

Tomfoolery said...

That'll look cracking, nice work.

Plus, you'll easily fit your sandwiches in that ;)

Jan said...

Wow, that is an amazing looking bike, do you have anymore info?

Bubble Visor said...

Thanks guys :)
it's still just a photoshop picture
Th TZ seat looks bigger in he picture.

Hi Jan,
I used a picture from Omari's sv650 for the photoshop.

Unknown said...

nice about to get one of these ,might steal a few ideas.