7 May 2012

Rusty Gold 2012 Part 1

Thank your weather gods!
I think 80 percent of the day the sun was shining yesterday.
Thank you Cruise-Inn for giving us the perfect spot to organise Rusty Gold 2012.
We did not have the time to count all the people that showed up but our estimate is that 4 or 5 hundred people found their way to Rusty Gold :)
There was lots of cool stuff for sale, great food, nice people, cool rides.
Good stuff, we are happy.
Thanks everyone who helped us to organise this day.
Thanks Sideburn magazine for sending the Tees and Magazines.
A big thank to you from Zoran, the Cruise-Inn, Roest Sidewalk Mechanics Amsterdam and me.

Here is the first selection of pictures I took yesterday with my new toy.
A Sony Nex-5n with 18-55mm kit lens.
Still need to learn a lot but some of these pics are really nice.
Next year I need to split myself in 3 pieces so I have the time to talk to every one, see everything and stay at my booth so I can actually sell my stuff, ha!
Much more will follow.



Menze said...

That looks like it was cool, will there be a next edition? I'd love to be there!

Bubble Visor said...

that would be cool!
yes, we're planning a to do this every year :)

Hugo said...

Hi Lenny!
Congratulations on organizing such a neat event. It's quite a distance but we'll try to be there next year.
Take it easy, dude!

Bubble Visor said...

Hugo you should do that so we can drinks some beers and talk bikes :)

Björn` said...

Looks like I've missed quite some nice bikes I would have loved to have a better look at..

Sik said...

We do need more of this in the Lowlands! Thanks for putting this on, we had a great time!

Cheers, Sik

Zoran Holtkamp said...

Of all the nice fenders (on the first pic) i had to buy that rusty piece of scrapmetal... Oh well ;-)

rantingsmith said...

Looks like it was a great day!

Do you have any more info on who built that Vincent Cafe Racer with the cool looking fairing and exhaust?

Bubble Visor said...

same here. to much stuff happening at the same time :)

@Thanks Sik!
A lot of people said they liked your shovel, very nice bike!
Your right, would be nice to have something like this twice a year..
We're thinking about doin an other event somewhere in the Netherlands to close the season... :)

is that your now? ha
Rusty it is

Jos Vincent build that bike.
He doesn't have a website but I'm planning to visit him soon to take some more pictures and to get more information. I have his mail address if you like

rantingsmith said...

I think he did a great job on that Vincent and I would love to put the picture up on my tumblr blog but one of my rules is to always include who built the bike preferably with a link to their blog/webpage.

So yes an email address would be great. Thanks.


Zoran Holtkamp said...

Yup that's my piece of rusty gold now.
Loving it ;-)

Bubble Visor said...

please send me a e-mail and I will give you his mail address

vincevega said...

Great event man! And thanks for the nice duc-photos!
Thumbs up!

rantingsmith said...

Sent you an email

Swagger said...

Lenny, what a great time it looks to be. Can you tell me anything about the XS750/850 with the chain-drive conversion? Possibly who may have built the beast? I bought an XS850 when I was 18 and have owned it since (I'm 45 now), I've always wanted to build something cool out of it.