21 Mar 2011

Raw Candy CB550

just received this by mail
Iphone pictures of the latest Raw Candy build.
this very nice CB550 street tracker is waiting for a paint job.

saw it some moths ago but couldn't post it here because Jelrik, the smiling dude in the pictures, didn't knew what the bike looked like at that time . last week he saw for the first time what happened to his bike after handling it over to Raw Candy last year.

some very nice details. clean handle bars, the honda logo in the tail piece that follows the rear light so beautifully. swiss chees in all the right places. custom seat,  great tires, etc.
I like the bare metal look it has right now but I'm looking forward to see to see this bike painted.

Raw Candy also build the CB750F2 Gold Nugget
check the Raw Candy blog here.(it def. needs an update)


Infographicmedia said...

And a Matching wach : )

Zoran Holtkamp said...

That gas tank is off the hook, awesome!